Poster design & artwork | woman worker

What: mix media poster design for group juried exhibition

Topic: Woman worker

Name of the concept: The rope

Description of the concept:

The name of the concept is based on what a woman has, and it is represented with the rope in order to highlight all the weight of a woman worker (large range of tasks in the workplace which are not included in the regular job description of that job, for example, cleaning, serving, telephone calls…) or has not (equal paycheck as mens in the same job, harder to get recognitions and promotion, etc ….) in order to encourage the reflection. Woman worker in this concept has several key features: durable, scarce and underpaid.

We have the central point of the poster, a figure of a woman, apparently beautiful (but melancholy). This represents spirit of this woman and not really a woman’s appearance (that is why the hair is in unnatural color). Rope takes another important role in the interpretation, he stands for endurance and therefore we have shown pulling the rope as a symbol of instability and insecurity of women and generally unhealthy negative competitive atmosphere in a workplace. The rope appears also as a “lifeline” symbolizing “drowning” at work and at home (women more than men suffer from burnout syndrome because at work they do tasks that aren’t in a job description, but also at home if they have a family where they often perform more housework), and in the end, we have a rope as earrings symbolizing the burden of mobbing at workplace because in to many cases victims of mobbing are women.

Client: Kreativni Krk

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