Pitch Shifting Group @Artist Homes in Berlin

19/06/2019 Location Artist Homes, Berlin, Germany Categories experimental free improv   Grgur Savic – saxophone/electronics Daniel Craig – audio spectrum Chris Hill – drums/percussions Sanja Star – live visuals/programming feat. Rieko Okuda – piano
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6th Silk Road International Arts Festival in Xi’an, China – September 2019

Pitch Shifting Duo is part of an larger interdisciplinary live project – Pitch Shifting Group. Visual programming, while musical interactivity, has been crucial to Pitch Shifting latest practice. Pitch Shifting Duo – Sanja Star & Grgur Savic – explores new media and Croatian cultural heritage. Inspired by traditional Slavonian folk costume Sanja Star is using her own visual instrument to create visuals with visual programming. Through coding, Sanja is creating a set of visual semiotic system that is the synchronous union of music and image. In response to visual improvisations, Grgur is utilising electronics and backing Saxophone sounds, which spans from melodic passages to extended techniques, and bridges from Black American Social music with folk sounds from his native Croatia. Duo delivers high quality musivisual language. Blending a variety of genres, from social music to electronic music, inspired by living in New York and Berlin, Pitch Shifting Duo presents perfect balance of sound and visual contrasts, which sets unique mood. “As global citizens our mission is to present and invite others to recognise our national heritage which is not only ours as we all have the right to love and nurture all of our global heritage.” Duo wants to explore the idea of […]
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