Space Tigers is a Berlin based band gathered around Grgur’s and Vanja’s compositions.

„Real Sofa Techno Jazz Surfers“ keep their spirit ahead with their own brand. Call it Jazz, Techno, Punk or Funk – for them it doesn’t matter. Be aware – it’s not just a group, it’s a movement, it’s an invasion.

„…a grouping that recalled the Spy vs. Spy combination of Tim Berne and John Zorn, or the twinned altoists of the English band Led Bib. Space Tigers locked into a metallic cross-hatching of rock-funk patterns, maintaining this hard intensity throughout their set, either with jointly entwining altos or with solo horn stretches, attaining a pinnacle of piercing precision.“ – Martin Longley, Downbeat

Grgur Savic | WEBSITE

Space Tigers | WEBSITE

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