/About me

  • WHO:

Visual artist & graphic designer interested in fields of fashion, woman rights, music, space and pop culture. She puts creativity in all that she does because life is passion and passion is art.  

Currently working for eBay Germany as an In-house Senior designer but also activ as a freelance visual artist. Her topic of research is based on the cosmic energy. Sanja loves to combine different techniques, digital and traditional, to produce completely new process of art making. Sanja is working in a unconventional, modern style to create visuals that represents energy, space and feelings of the new age.

She holds an MA of Design from University of Zagreb, Croatia. For over ten years she has worked in print and web for advertising agencies and corporate clients. When she’s not working, she enjoys biking, yoga, nice people, dancing, art performances, lots of laughter and good wine.

  • WHAT:

Art direction, visual identities, marketing material, packaging & label design, posters, covers, illustrations, patterns…

Everything she does uses strong design thinking and meaning. She really enjoys getting in deep with everything she does in life and that replays in her designs too. She is always open to interesting collaborations and new projects so feel free to browse her portfolio. She is very passionate about her personal project – digital artworks – it can be seen HERE

  • WHERE:

Originally from Croatia, in 2015 she made Berlin her new home. From Berlin she works as a freelancer for clients around the world.

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