_sanja star

is an independent designer and visual artist based in Berlin working in fields of fashion & music.

She combines digital and traditional techniques creating motion artworks, digital collages and uses visual programming language to create Gifs, images and video in advertising, social media, branding and live performances together with musicians.


Her topics of research are based on cosmic energy. As beings who exist here on the earth plane in a three-dimensional human body, we can awake our inter-dimensional high levels of consciousness. Her visuals represent energy and feelings of new age.


Sanja is also a part of Pitch Shifting Group – interdisciplinary live art project.




Art/Creative Direction, Branding & Identity, Editorial Illustration, Digital Collage, Motion Collage, Print & Collateral, Fashion Branding, Fashion GIF, Music Branding, Music Videos, Music Covers , Live Visuals/Visual Programming







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